Annie's Way Jelly Mask 250ml

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Lavender Extract Soothing Jelly Mask 
Lavender is capable of relieving skin, giving out a faint lavender fragrance when used, which also helps in relieving your stress. 

Q10 + Peony Anti-Aging Jelly Mask
Capable of pampering skin, prevent aging of skin, boost skin protection and return young skin. Known for nourishing benefits, suitable for mature skin. 

Arbutin + Hyaluronic Acid Brightening Jelly Mask
Arbutin is extracted from the bearberry leaves which is capable of improving darkness and whitening skin. Hyaluronic acid replenishes water content and moisturizes at once. 

Aloe + Seaweed Anti-Acne Jelly Mask
Aloe Vera has moisturizing effect and helps to control oily skin. Seaweed extract calms skin under sun and purifies skin. It helps to achieve natural healthy and beautiful skin. 

Snail + Secretion Repairing Jelly Mask 
The serum extracted from the grume secreted during the snail-crawling process, contains several ingredients which is capable of repairing, softening, and conditioning skin. 

Charcoal + VIT-C Anti-Oil Jelly Mask
Carbon powder imported from Japan can deeply cleanse the dirt in the pore and build a moisture barrier for the skin. Skin feels smooth, supple and translucent after applying.

Calendula Chamomile Jelly Mask
Calendula and chamomile essence can effectively moisture, soften and reduce skin discomfort. Suitable for the sensitive and dry skin.

Triple Roses Jelly Mask
It combines of three kinds of rose extracts, can help repair damaged skin cells, restoring and brightening the skin. Nourishing and repairing the skin, which can help enhance the pore clear, seburn treatment and seburn off.

Honey Jelly Mask 
Honey is a natural beauty ingredient that nourishes and moisturizes the skin. It increases skin elasticity and repair fine lines. 




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Annie's Way Jelly Mask 250ml

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