Duo Cleansing Balm 90g

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Fulfills 5 roles (cleansing, face washing, keratin care, massage care and treatment) with the unique technology.

DUO The Cleansing Balm 
- When a solid balm is applied to the skin, it changes to a thick texture. It quickly blends into makeup and quickly and firmly removes dark makeup and dirt in the pores.
- Since it adheres to the skin without dripping, it can used safety aound the eyes.
- Relax with the gentle scent of rose essential oil for a pleasant cleansing time.

DUO The Cleansing Balm Clear
- A cleansing balm specializing in pore stains, which is composed of pore clear capsules that are much smaller than the pores.
- The feeling of use is light and can use it comfortably with the refreshing scent of grapefruit essential oil.

DUO The Cleansing Balm White
- To clear skin whose impression changes as you wash! A melting cleansing balm specializing in skin tone and dullness.
- Natural clay ingredients are used for cleansing, but it is a cleansing like a beauty essence that cares for skin colour.
- To moisturize and make the skin fresh and clear.



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Duo Cleansing Balm 90g

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