Koji Dolly Wink Salon Eylash


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Introducing the new ''DOLLY WINK SALON EYELASH'', a natural false eyelash that makes it easy for every woman to achieve her ideal eye makeup in just 10 seconds!

Just-sized false eyelashes, no matter half-size or full-size, can be applied quickly without cutting. 

Each kit contains 2 pairs of trendy and lovely eyelashes and an eyelash adhesive. Eyelashes are held by the rare-to-find high-quality thin and transparent band, which is virtually invisible. 

- Super lightweight

- Easy to use

- Can be used repeatedly

- Different animal designs for the cuteness expression

- 2 pairs and 1 adhesive are included in one package

● Skin-friendly formula made from 100% cosmetic ingredients

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Koji Dolly Wink Salon Eylash

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